One Lexington Phoenix Amenities

One Lexington is probably my favorite condo community in Phoenix so I really enjoy talking about it and writing about it. If you’re considering purchasing a condo, here is information about the One Lexington Phoenix amenities so that you can make an informed decision.

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Amenities are important

Amenities play a big role in determining where to price a condo as well as what it may be worth in the future. Buildings that are updated and modern and have amenities that people want are going to bring more demand than others. As a condo owner, you should be interested not only in the space inside of your four walls but also in the space in and around the community.

One Lexington Phoenix

One Lexington is a high-rise condo community in Midtown Phoenix. It is situated across from Park Central, a retail and dining establishment. It also sits alongside the light rail, making travel across the city easy. With plenty of parking for yourself and your guests, One Lexington is definitely a contender in the luxury Phoenix condos space.

Before I get into specific amenities, I do want to talk a bit about the views! From the penthouses, One Lexington has some of the best views in the city, especially the views to the north. At dusk, the skyline views are simply incredible. But you definitely have to be high enough to take advantage of those gorgeous views! That is why choosing high-rise living in Phoenix makes the most sense. The higher you are, the better your views will be.

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One Lexington Phoenix Amenities

Let’s talk amenities! Amenities are features and benefits that enhance or add to the experience for residents. One Lexington amenities include:

  • Secure Access – The front door to the building remains locked at all times. A video screen provides the concierge or security team to review who is entering and exiting the building. No one can get in the building unless they are let in by someone or have key fob access.
  • Secure Elevators – Once inside the building, visitors must walk past a staffed front desk and security room to get to the elevators. In order to use the elevators, visitors must have a key fob (all floors). This additional security helps keep residents safe.
  • Secure Garage Parking – Garage parking is a coveted amenity in the valley. Residents at One Lexington enjoy one or more spaces in the garage, and their visitors can use a number of visitor spaces (I have never seen it filled up). The number of spaces you get as a resident depends on the deed to your condo. For an added bonus, the parking garage itself is secured. You can pull into it, but you can’t get out of it unless you have a gate opener or a coin. This discourages unlawful parking.
  • Heated Community Pool & Spa – This is to be expected in any luxury high-rise in Phoenix but it is still worth mentioning.
  • Workout/Fitness Center – Fitness centers are also commonplace in luxury high rises, and One Lexington Phoenix does have one for your benefit.
  • Concierge – You’ll appreciate having an on-site concierge to help with issues that arise with your condo, maintainence needs, and helping with visitors.
  • Balconies – Balconies are in every unit including the smaller floorplans.
  • Additional Storage – Condo living can be tight. One Lexington condos come with additional storage space for your belongings.

What are you paying for?

The condo association fees at One Lexington are arguably higher than many other condo communities in Phoenix and there is a multi-thousand dollar capital improvement fee as well. It a good idea to examine what you are paying for.

Upkeep. Your association fees pay for maintenance and upkeep of common areas, which include hallways, the exterior or the building, elevators, the roof, the grounds and all of the staff and contractors needed to manage all of that.

Security. Security at One Lexington is more involved than other communities as well. Association fees help ensure that the building stays secure, and residents stay safe.

Location. One Lexington is in a prime location in Midtown Phoenix. You are paying for the land (which is a common area) and all that comes with it.

Views. Floor-to-ceiling windows in every unit ensure that everyone has a view. You are paying for the exterior (including window cleaning and replacement) but also that unobstructed view. Make sure you like it!

Condos for Sale at One Lexington Phoenix

You can also check out condos that are currently for sale at One Lexington on my listings website. If you have any questions, give me a call at 602-753-6176.

Tia Peterson, REALTOR®, Phoenix Condo Specialist

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