Crystal Point Condo Fees

When you purchase a condo, you will pay condo association fees. Below, I will outline some of the Crystal Point condo fees found in the most recent listings. These fees are NOT to be taken as fact, as listing information can be wrong and quickly outdated. However, this information should give you some idea of what you may pay and what the fees cover.

Where is Crystal Point?

Crystal Point is located on Osborn Rd, just east of Midtown Phoenix. It is a beautiful, 90’s contemporary designed high rise with some of the most valuable condominium real estate in the city. The units are also some of the largest in Phoenix and Scottsdale combined.

Its penthouse views are unparalleled, and that is most certainly reflected in the price tag. I am from the east coast, and Crystal Point reminds me of Arlington and Crystal City areas in Northern Virginia.

crystal point midtown condos in phoenix for sale

Crystal Point Condo Fees

Monthly Fees

Like most luxury condos, condo association fees vary and are different depending on the deed (unit, floorplan, parking, etc.). In other words, not everyone in the building pays the same amount. The larger the floorplan and square footage, and the more parking spaces you have, the more you can expect to pay in monthly fees.

Over the past 6 months, listed monthly condo fees at Crystal Point ranged from $1,477 per month for a 2,234 sq foot condo with 2 parking spaces, to $3,522 per month for a 6,200 sq foot penthouse with 4 parking spaces.

Capital Improvement Fees

Recent capital improvement fees also vary by unit/deed. Capital improvement fees are sometimes paid by the seller. Posted fees have been as low as $2,954 for an $800,000+ condo sale. These fees are paid once, and the HOA itself determines how the money is reserved or used. As with monthly fees, always contact the HOA directly to find out what your specific capital improvements fees will be.

Transfer Fees

The listed Crystal Point transfer fees are generally $400, which is very typical for condo transfer fees in the valley. The transfer pays for the administrative costs associated with changing the homeowner during the sale. $400 isn’t uncommon and it does not vary between luxury and standard condos.