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About Midtown Phoenix

Midtown Phoenix, also known as the Central Corridor, runs north of McDowell and south of Camelback Rd, though its exact boundaries are debatable. 

What isn’t debatable is the cultural vibe which is heavily influenced by the Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum, and an eclectic group of eateries and tourist attractions. The homes in midtown are primarily mid-century modern homes, including the condominiums.

With the exception of the newly constructed Edison Midtown Condos, all of the Phoenix high rises (condos in midtown Phoenix) were constructed prior to 1990, though some have been renovated. Most were built between 1950 to 1970 and retain that mid-century look and feel.

The unique Midtown Phoenix area was once characterized by nonexclusive mid-rise business buildings and quiet private roads north of Phoenix’s city center. A light-rail line that came up about ten years ago laid the foundation for a striking makeover. Energized restaurants, cafés, exhibitions, and shops are here to stay. However, among every one of the glimmering new veneers, Midtown Phoenix remains one of the best places to connect with the profound Native American roots that animate this desert capital–more proof that this previous wallflower has its finger on the city’s heart.

Midtown Phoenix urban areas are ideal for people who want to live near downtown but in a quieter, more historic and cultural area.

Midtown Phoenix is becoming perhaps the most sought out place to reside.

A Stellar Urban Neighborhood

Midtown Phoenix is a blend of Central Phoenix and Downtown Phoenix, including everything they have to offer; there are a lot of older elevated structures blended in with recent, brand new lofty heights and high-rises. These structures provide the absolute best metropolitan living along Central Avenue.

The Convenience of Midtown Phoenix 

These lofts and condos give prompt admittance to the steadily developing nightlife of Midtown Phoenix and downtown Phoenix. Moreover, numerous neighborhood organizations and the highly advantageous Metro Light Rail connect Midtown to the rest of the Valley.

Midtown Phoenix Unique Home Styles 

You can expect to find neighborhoods with block frames and brick facades on roads with oversized palms and large overhanging trees. Midtown is home to historic districts, including Willo, which try to preserve the original architecture of the homes (including those tiny closets). 

Some neighborhoods in Midtown have improvements and remodels, but many do not in order to stay historic. Condos are a bit different in that you can modify the interior of your condo to your liking (within condo HOA rules) while the facades may stay preserved. 

Larger properties are situated on the northern end and around the Phoenix Country Club. New improvements can be found along the light rail.

Living In Midtown Phoenix

Expect a metropolitan way of life with more modest diverse areas and different home plans and designs. New, hip, and ethnic cafés are popping up all over Phoenix, including in Midtown. You’ll also find a diverse workforce and plenty of employment opportunities. For now, the traffic is manageable and the light rail goes through the center of this area.

Vacationing in Midtown

On vacation, you’re more likely to find hotel spots in Downtown, but you’ll come up to Midtown to hang out. It has a lot to offer for visitors, whether it’s an educational tour, modern culture, or just being with nature. Take some time to check out the Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard, or walk through a historic district to get a sense of what the city was like in the mid-century 1900s.