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About Downtown Phoenix

Living in Downtown Phoenix means being in the home of Arizona’s national sports teams, including the Phoenix Suns Arena and the Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium. But there’s more than just sports in this busy hot spot. Downtown Phoenix is also home to the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Convention Center, and the Civic Space Park.  

Work, live, play, eat, drink, shop, and be entertained year-round in the gorgeous city of Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun.

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Arizona might be known for the Grand Canyon, Cathedral Rock, and its immense desert districts, but Downtown Phoenix is anything but dusty and dry. Downtown Phoenix has a busy nightlife, unique sports facilities, top-notch retail outlets, as well as historical centers and art galleries. 

Culture, business, and college life come together as a focal point of Phoenix. This is the place where you’ll experience non-mainstream eateries, craft brews, cocktail culture, live music, and pro sports. Downtown Phoenix’s noteworthy regions like Roosevelt Row share a metropolitan impression with current wonders like the unique Phoenix Convention Center and CityScape. 

What to do in Downtown Phoenix

When the workday is over, the unique Downtown Phoenix fun starts. This is where you’ll observe sports fields, live music, housetop lounges, historical centers, theaters, craftsmanship exhibitions, and more than 200 restaurants. Downtown is additionally home to the Phoenix Convention Center and Arizona State University’s downtown campus. And it’s served by one of the most up-to-date light rail systems in the USA.


CityScape is a lively and popular core in Downtown Phoenix which covers three squares and is brimming with shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. It’s the spot to be at during late afternoon hours and evening to feel the actual Downtown Phoenix vibe.

Downtown Phoenix residents get together at CityScape to enjoy everyday pleasant and happy hour offering on the Blue Hound lawn or playing a game of ten-pin bowling at the Lucky Strike. Then, watch an outdoor film in the plaza or have dinner in one of the various eateries before hitting the club scene at the Gypsy Bar.

Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is a unique and interactive museum in Downtown Phoenix’s Heritage and Science Park on Washington Street. 

Explore the center’s 350 plus exhibitions to see how solar energy is extracted and utilized, have a dreamlike involvement with nature in the Immersion Theater, or discover the privileged insights of Morse code correspondence.

The Arizona Science Center has a 250-seat planetarium plus Fab Labs, where visiting logical experts present lectures and workshops. It’s a fun spot for kids and adults alike.

Heritage Square

Stroll around Heritage Square to find what Downtown Phoenix resembled in Victorian times. Lining the Square are structures tracing back to the last part of the 1800s. For example, the Rosson House, a historical center, is a Gothic work of art that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie.

Inside the exhibition hall, the rooms are furnished regarding Victorian time. Even candelabras on the dining table give the impression that the inhabitants still live and have recently ventured outside.  

You can also buy replica Victorian items at the Bungalow – Downton Abbey-style, handicrafts, and locally wooden toys on the Square. A few eateries, including a British bar and a pizza joint.